Come to Your Senses Conference – MukiBaum – October 19-23/2011


Come and join me at this wonderful conference.  I will be speaking on Sunday October 23rd, more details below.

In the summer of 2008, Dr. Nehama Baum created the concept of Sensory Capital. 
She defined it as: 

“The collective attitudes, skills and abilities within a person which contribute to a better organized nervous system in everyday life’s context. It refers to the stock of sensory coping capacity, sensory skills, talents and unique capabilities embodied in an individual’s ability to process and function within the world around us, and to perform day to day tasks.
Sensory Capital is the quality of the sensory assets an individual possesses, and the potential for those assets to be improved through therapy, education, and training. Actualization of the sensory capital promotes a more integrated functional sensory system.
The term Sensory Capital recognizes that sensory competencies are important and essential assets that assist in the development and growth of a person. The ‘return’ on any investment in sensory training, treatment, development, health and support is an improved quality of life.”

                                                                                                     Baum, 2008

Dr. Baum contends that including the notion of Sensory Capital in the assessment and evaluation of the sensory strengths and challenges of individuals with various disabilities will assist in the formulation of the needs of the person in the development of treatment plans for him/her.

The 2011 Come To Your Senses Conference: Activating the Sensory Capital within Children & Adults with Autism and Other Complex Disabilities is dedicated to the exploration of this concept of Sensory Capital, and its manifestation and implementation in the treatment of children and adults with various disabilities.

Ultimately, the goal of this conference is to discuss how we assess and evaluate individuals’ Sensory Capital assets and, in turn, how we create supportive, enriched environments that will nurture, enhance and help grow their Sensory Capital within.



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