About Phoenix

The Phoenix Centre for Neurodevelopment www.phoenixneurodevelopment.com is a clinical setting, specializing in children and adults with Autism, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Brain Injuries, Perplexing Behaviours and more.  Neurodevelopmental Educational Therapist Valerie MacLean utilizes the HANDLE approach, and has clients across Canada and northern U.S.A.   She is a HANDLE Supervisory Practitioner and Instructor, and also offers Community Information Sessions and HANDLE courses entitled “Get a HANDLE on the Autism Spectrum” and “Get a HANDLE on Neurodevelopmental Differences” across Canada.  

The Phoenix Centre for Osteopathy and Complementary Therapies www.phoenixalternative.com provides an additional level of holistic and natural healing to patients within our clinical setting.


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